Other accommodation

Camping per person

4 € per night/tent

Place for caravan

10 € per night

Total price for entire centre
(in summer: accommodation for 220 people, saunas, halls, showers, barbecue areas, playground)

4990 € per two nights
3520 € per night

Total price for entire centre
(in winter: accommodation for 60 people, sauna, halls, shower, kitchen)

1600 € per two nights
1100 € per night

Use of territory
(accommodation, services of main building, services of shooting ranges are not included)

1000 € per night


    The prices include VAT.

·         The prices for accommodation in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre don't include breakfast (can be ordered separately).

·         The prices for accommodation include the possibility to use gym (only for the hostel).

·         A discount of up to 15% applies to the accommodation prices for groups (group - a minimum of 20 adults from one company/organisation; the group discount is not valid at the weekends (Fri-Sun), during big events taking place in the sports centre, or for the price applying to the entire centre or hostel).

·         For up to 5-year-old children accommodation is free of charge (excl. camping).

·         Double discounts will not apply, i.e. one discount at a time, except for a low season discount.

·         A discount of 10% applies to prices of the hostel and the yard house accommodation in low seasons.

·         The use of the sports facilities for organising competitions and/or big events will be agreed upon separately according to the submitted price offer.

·         The centre has the right to require a respective security service, depending on the size of competitions, in order to preserve the property of the centre during competitions, organisation of WCs and waste management, performance of temporary electrical work by a competent organisation and other necessary work.

·         The board of the foundation of Tehvandi Sport Centre will establish the price list for seasonal holiday packages, catering and other services, and it will be published on the homepage of this foundation www.tehvandi.ee and Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre www.tervisespordikeskus.ee.

·         As an exception, the board has the right to cut prices in case of last minute discounts.

Information and reservation: +372 745 6333
E-mail: tartumaa@tehvandi.ee