Vitipalu hiking trails

The hiking trails of Elva-Vitipalu landscape reserve start in front of Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre; there is also a scheme for hiking trails. The scheme can also be found on the road of Elva-Hellenurme at the corner of the driveway of Vitipalu opencast site.

You can choose between hiking trails of different lengths:

·         Primeval valley of Elva 14.4 km

·         Hiking trail of Viti river 2.3 km

·         Trail of adventures 1.5 km

·         Bicycle trail 23.5 km, shortened version 15 km

·         Forest study trail 6.5 km

The hiking trail of primeval valley of Elva has been marked with white-red-white signs on trees, Viti trail and the trail of adventures with a yellow stripe, and the forest study trail with a green stripe. The bicycle trail has been marked with pointers. There are areas for camping, resting and having a picnic on the trails. Ecological latrines are located on Viti trail, on the picnic site of primeval valley of Elva where sand outcrop can be seen, on the picnic site and camping sites of Suur-Umbjärv.

Additional information on the hiking trails is available on the homepage of the foundation of Vapramäe - Vellavere - Vitipalu, click here.